Curriculum Vitae

Personal details

  • Name and surname:

    Kamil Brenk

  • Date of birth:

    July 25, 1988

  • Adress:

    Poznan, Poland

  • Contact:


  • 2008 – 2012

    Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz
    Technical and Computer Education
    engineering thesis: Creation of web games (2D) with use of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript

  • 2003 – 2008

    Economic School Complex in Piła
    major: Economist Technician

  • 1999 – 2003

    Grammar school in Wysoka

Professional experience

  • 11.2012 – Present

    Merix Studio
    position: Web Developer / Programmer

    • cut of PSD to HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript,
    • adaptation of created WWW pages to various kind of mobile appliances; Responsive Web Design.
  • 07.2002 – 09.2012

    position: Web Developer / Programmer, Project Manager

    • creation and sale my content management system (CMS) and customer relationship management system (CRM),
    • front-end (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), including cut of PSD; opimization for browsers,
    • back-end (PHP5, MySQL, configuration of Apache server),
    • management projects, contact with client,
    • selected projects: Civilia, Wentylacja CRM, Testy zawodowe, Diamentowa Afera, Czasopismo Cyrkulacje.
  • 11.2010 – 09.2012

    Comfitura Sp. z o.o
    position: Web Developer / Programmer (remote work)

    • cut of received PSD graphics with use of the latest front-end technologies (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript) and back-end (PHP, MySQL, Apache),
    • creation of multimedia applications and games for mobile appliances (iPad tablets, Galaxy Tab),
    • participation in work at projects for international companies: Samsung, Jack Daniels, Finlandia, Danone and other,
    • selected projects: Focus Advantage, Jack Daniels - Guitar, FrostMan: Łap Frosty, Finlandia - Smakuje Mi.
  • 03.2011 – 06.2011

    position: PHP Programmer (remote work)

    • integration of received HTML / CSS / JavaScript templates with my CMS (PHP / MySQL),
    • adaptation CMS to client requirements,
    • selected projects: Escape360, Broster.
  • 07.2010 - 11.2010

    GMO Enterprise Sp. z o.o.
    position: PHP programmer / JavaScript (remote work)

    • conversion of received PSDD graphics to PSD to fully functionalities services in HTML/CSS/JavaScript version,
    • implementation of made templates to WordPress system.

Additional activity

  • 07.2008 - 09.2008

    Metropolis Group in Jastarni
    position: guard

  • 05.2007 - 06.2007

    Real Estate Agency "Nordhaus Polska" Sp. z o.o
    position: apprenticeship at the office

  • 05.2006 - 06.2006

    Sports shop "Sportinger" in Pila
    position: apprenticeship in sales

Language skills

  • Polish


  • English

    proficient in writing (writing comments and documentation, reading),
    basic in speech

  • German


Professional skills

  • front-end


    • Vanilla JS - pretty good knowledge of DOM model, XMLHttpRequest object (AJAX), Closures, Prototype-based Object System, events system and other,
    • jQuery - pretty knowledge skill of use built-in functionalities of library, writing my own plugins, extension of functionalities,
    • Micro-frameworks - skill of use small frameworks in small projects,
    • JSON, JSONP,
    • Unobtrusive JavaScript,
    • tracking new technologies: JavaScript 1.8, ECMAScript Harmony, applications and mobile game.

    HTML5 / CSS3

    • considerable emphasis on standards (W3C, WCAG, WAI-ARIA), semantic, accessibility for people with disabilities, compatibility with guidelines of Google, optimization for browsers,
    • knowledge of microformats, Open Graph protocol, Twitter Cards,, Dublin Core,
    • basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop for cut layout,
    • Responsive Web Design,
    • Progressive enhancement, Graceful degradation,
    • tracking new technologies.
  • back-end

    PHP 5

    • pretty good knowledge of OOP, design patterns, standards of creating code (PSR-0, PSR-1, PSR-2), SPL, use exceptions and namespaces,
    • practical use Packagist, PECL, PEAR,
    • ability to do refactoring, debugging (XDebug) and code testing (PHPUnit),
    • basic knowledge PHP Yii Framework and Symfony 2, interest FuelPHP,
    • significant emphasis on security of writing code (CSRF, XSS, SQL injections, etc) and optimization (adapting HTTP headers, CDN, buffering gzip, caching and other).
    • implementation CMS: WordPress.


    • pretty good knowledge of MySQL, good knowledge of SQLite and PostgreSQL, basic knowledge of NoSQL (MongoDB),
    • operation of base from console, phpMyAdmin or Chive,
    • experience in work with big bases (to 10 GB).

    Network services

    • practical knowledge of REST, XML-RPC, SOAP protocols,
    • implementation a lot of various API, like Google Apps,, payment systems (Dotpay, Homepay),
    • ability to create own Web services.


    • Apache (use mod_rewrite, mod_proxy, mod_expires, mod_header, mod_deflate, mod_alias, mod_vhost_alias),
    • basic knowledge of Microsoft IIS,
    • cron.
  • other

    Skills necessary for fight on all fronts:

    • pretty good knowledge of regular expressions,
    • ability to reading and creation of UML models (OCL),
    • use control system of version (Git),
    • a few years’ work as a freelancer, that is, contact with client, negotiations of prices, immunity to stress and practical experience in fight under pressure from time :-)
    • driving license, category B.


  • writing blog about programming:,
  • sport, mainly jogging and gym,
  • tourism, traveling, getting to know the world and various cultures,
  • psychology, especially psychology of work.

Career objectives

  • interesting and creative work in programmer’s role / web developer,
  • solving ambitious and more demanding tasks that lets to get new experience and skills in area of website development.

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