Management systems of business (CRM, ERP, BPM)

I do systems which support work of a company, help in management of relations with clients (CRM), management company resources (ERP) or business process of a company (BPM).

I secure professional attitude, punctuality, possibility of doing project in a few stages (that is, every fixed time I send current results of work). For larger systems and a quite time limit I drag to work a friendly, experienced programmer.

Invest in your own company – automate and accelerate work in your company!

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Customer Relationship Management

CRM system is due to simplify contact with a client, among other things, by automation of passing on information, facilitated data analysis or uniform cannal of exchange information.

dedicated platform is conform to requirements and needs of your company, which aim is shirting arduous and repetitive work to a computer system.

Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP system makes it possible to automation most business processes in your company, among other things, storage and management stocks, running accountancy and finances, planning production or following realized deliveries.

ERP system is also a complex system which makes it possible to management of relations with clients (CRM).

Business Process Management

BPM system makes it possible to optimization of course of business process in organization, including management of documents (among other things storage, searching, archiving, creation of backup, ordering and classification), designing and overseeing path of tasks, so-called workflow or management/support the flow of information in a company.

Created system will serve as uniform canal of flow of information in a company.

Helpful tools in running and management of a company

The main aim of cooperation is creation of system adjusted to needs of your company. Most often, tools which are used to the achievement are, among other things:

  • mailing system makes it possible to mass sending e-mails to users (e.g. employees or clients),
  • definition of tasks and reminders, e.g. sending information to clients, who haven’t paid for service within a 7 days after an order; such tasks are queued and automatically performing at the moment defined by you,
  • manager of forms makes it possible generation any form and sending it to clients; it makes it possibile to get information from clients,
  • payment system makes it possibile to taking payments from users, and next management of the money (default payment canals: express transfers, Premium SMS),
  • advanced reports which are helpful to an analysis and planning future actions of a company,
  • panels available for only logged in users, including a system of powers, moderators and administrators accounts,
  • generators of documents PDF, DOC, Excel and other.

System of such complex functionalities is a considerable expense, and also considerable undertaking and a huge investment. It is also a chance for your company of better organization of work and minimization costs of running a company.

Made projects


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