E-commerce, online shops

I have experience in building secure and professional e-commerce systems and online shops. I could write a fully automated tools to build passive income for you, as well as systems which supportive sale of offered services and products by your company.

It is an unusual chance for accelerated development of your company, as it provides completely new distribution channel, making it possible to win over new clients and increase range of a company.

Available for hire!

Operation of e-payment

The basic functionality in services of the e-commerce type is payment module, thanks to that, you can do an express money transfer and also operate credit cards or Premium SMS. It makes it possible to introduce to your website, automatic accepting and recording of deposit from clients, and also run simple accountancy. Thanks to that, you could offer many services online – publish contents which are available only for a fee, introduce standing charges for using of services of the "premium" type and other.

Newsletters and mailing lists

Newsletters and mailing lists are tools, which help in building mailing list, and also make it possible to sending out mailings to selected users. It will make it possible for your company to maintain permanent contact with customers.

System of customer service

Customer service is a base of almost every business. I deliver to you a set of tools to quick contact with users of system, with the aim of getting information about mistakes or suggestions about development of your website.

It is a very important functionality, as it makes it possible to quick solving customer problems, and as you presumably know, a dissatisfied client, who will be properly served, is potentially faithful client.

Reports, statistics, analysis

Running of Internet service is a constant fight with competition, constant development of contents and services and sizeable expenses. Take care of properly using of potential of insert work – at this just tools to carrying out analysis, statistics and reports will help.

The tools also make it possible to doing detailed measurements of effectiveness of your e-business.

Made projects

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