Mobile applications and games

I do modern, dynamic mobile games, as also applications of a single-page type on mobile phones and tablets. I use at this, latest technologies, i.e. HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

Mobile applications and games have unusual potential – it interactive, grabbing to fun tools which are useful especially in promotion and advertising campaigns.

Use their potential to a promotion of your own business!

Available for hire!

Mobile Internet is direction of development and the future of the Internet

Mobile tools in a very fast tempo are displacing stationary computers and laptops, what can see on the American market, which often marks trends. More and more people are using with this form of pastime, what increase your chances on gaining new clients, especially in the face of fact, that it is still a new, growing market.

I do mobile websites, as also applications and games in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript – contact me to talk about your mobile project, don’t be behind!

Modern standards = tremendous opportunities

Mobile applications and games are new technologies, which have tremendous opportunities. Such applications are able to work without the Internet (in Offline), locate the geographical location of user, store data in memory and much more.

It makes it possible to realize even the boldest ideas, such as creation of a field game for owners of smartphones, consist of search of treasures according to map and solving riddles :-)

Solutions which are dedicated, adjusted to mobile Internet

Dedicated mobile applications, unlike standard versions of websites, work very fast and are optimized for slow links. It is a very essential feature, as clients more often are using the Internet in smartphones with for example the aim of finding the best offers in a place of staying.

Don’t let to client miss out your website due to too long time of loading or unsuitable to a mobile appliance, invest in a mobile version of the website!

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