Responsive Web Design

I do responsive websites (Responsive Web Design), that which automatically adjust to the device in which they were opened.

The offer makes it possible to save much money by building only one version of website, which will work on every modern device! It in turn secures possibility of browsing your offer every Internet user, irrespective of device which he has (PC, tablet, smartphone or other).

Available for hire!

Lower costs of creation WWW and its later development and maintaining

To date to have a website running on many devices and adjusted to every size of screen, it was necessary to create a separate version of website for every variants. It meant huge production costs and even higher costs of maintain, on which only a few could afford.

Responsive websites make it possible to creation of an uniform version of website, which intelligently and automatically adjusts to device in which it will be opened. This solution also makes it possible to serving contents adjusted to the device in which was opened. In this way on the phone we could e.g. specify an access map to the company, while on stationary computers show a detailed offer (assuming that client is sitting comfortably and has a moment for consumption your offer).

And also later development of the website won’t be laborious, for changes will be applied only in one place.

Support of mobile and touch devices

You needn’t worry about a mobile version of your website – Responsive Web Design is a technique which is about support of devices of every size, including devices which haven’t created yet :-) Appearance of the website will be automatically adjusted to dimensions of the device.

Support of a mobile device provides users possibility of quickly reach to your offer or a localization map. The speed has key importance here, as clients of mobile devices are less patient (especially when every byte is an additional cost). It is worth to have a mobile version of own website on which will be only the most essential information.

However if you are interested in a mobile version of the application, familiarize with my offer to creation of mobile applications and games.

Easy in an implementation

Responsiveness doesn’t complicate excessively process of creation website. I know from bitter experience that process of support the most important resolutions and types of devices extends work for 20-40%. By contrast, the traditional approach it would necessary to extend time from a few to a dozen or so minutes, supporting the most important devices and different screen resolutions. Therefore, we could achieve the same effect by shortening a few times the time and cost of creation website.

It is also possible to creation of a responsive version of the website for already existing websites.

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