Search Engine Optimization

Do you have your own website, but it is rarely visited? And maybe do you want to increase the popularity of already popular web page? Let me help you with optimizations both at an angle of browsers and general speed of action.

You can also commission me doing of a new website. I attach great weight to this, that websites created by me will be always optimized and compatible with standards.

Available for hire!

Higher positions in Google

Browsers, including Google, have their "rules" of behaviour for creators of websites. They say how create websites to search robots can collect and suitably classify contained in them information.

In this way you could single out the most essential information for you. It will increase effectiveness of searching and thereby attracting new clients.

Faster website

Another factors affecting the position of website in search is speed of her loading. Therefore with the aim of improvement position of your website, I will do her optimization, thanks to it will load quicker and it will use less resources of server. It will also decrease upkeep and perhaps it will makes it possible to choice of cheaper hosting (difference will be noticeable particularly for popular sites).

Compatibility with standards, support for the disabled and scanners of websites

Guidelines of Google and other search engines order to create websites which are compatible with standards. However, the standards say a lot about semantics of a written code, to it also will be comprehensible for scanners that support work of the disabled (tools to correction of colours, text increasing, announcers who read text from a website and other).

Compatibility with standards it also lower cost of later website’s development, for it’s easier implement yourself in project of correct code.

Made projects


  • Civilia
  • Stowarzyszenie Polska Wentylacja
  • Comfitura
  • Damlecko Sp. z o.o.
  • Focus Media Group
  • Samsung

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