Design and develop websites

I offer creation of complex websites, starting from a graphic project, going through every programming work, ending on uploading files to a server and configuration of a domain. If you commission me doing WWW you don’t need to have specialised technical knowledge!

If you plan to make an expansion on the Internet and global market – don’t delay, write to me and familiarize with my detailed offer which is adjusted to your (or your company’s) needs!

Available for hire!

Advanced technologies

I use advanced, but mature and solid technologies, i.e. HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, as well as PHP 5.2+ and MySQL 5. It makes it possible to create safe, stable and what’s the most important, attractive websites.

Compatibility with web standards

Websites created by me are compatibility with current standards in the Web, i.e. W3C, WCAG, WAI-ARIA and Google’s guidelines for websites optimization in browsers.

Websites formed like this are more available for the disabled, more and more popular scanners, browsers, or mobile appliances.

Efficiency, optimization and scalability

I put a lot of emphasis on optimization, to websites load as fast as possible, even on mobile appliances, where it is particularly important, for the Internet is often slow, limited and payable according to consumption.

I write efficient software, it can work even under a heavy workload. Websites created by me are prepared on a quick gaining of popularity and a conquest of the Internet :-)

Since we are talking about the conquest of the Internet, I mention immodestly that I don’t disappoint you here. CMS system, that I use, is scalable, i.e. is prepared on a quick development, and also is a support for many databases and servers.

Interactivity and flashiness

Many-year-long experience, and also a constant interest in new standards, it makes it possible to create full of life and interactive websites. I perfectly use JavaScript language. (including jQuery) and CSS3 – I know how to use them to create pleasant to the eye user interfaces.

Easy and fast management with CMS

Built websites are based on a proven, my CMS (unless somebody wants differently). It makes it possible easy and fast editing of site’s content (without specialised IT knowledge), including creation of new subpage, management of menu, forms, rights of access to an administrative panel, internationalization settings (including creation of new language versions) and much more.

There is also a chance of attaching new modules, among other things, photo galleries, newsletters and contact lists, user accounts, operation of payment systems and other. Development system by new functionalities also isn’t pose any problems.

Made projects


  • Danone
  • Civilia
  • Stowarzyszenie Polska Wentylacja
  • Azuon
  • Comfitura
  • Escape360
  • Damlecko Sp. z o.o.
  • Focus Media Group
  • ŚwiatBab
  • Samsung
  • BreTerm
  • Broster

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